I'm being trolled. LOL!!

the old fake email to craigslist men4men action.

fake email accounts in my name.

LOL!! at least my day isn't boring.

I coulda done w/o the cock pics that came with the emails.

I don't mean "came" though....



yo should post these emails

thats brutal

Scot I want to see you computer's history log!!!


Old OG trick.

It takes alot of time and a computer.

eh. more funny and harmless than irritating.

 Suspicious activity Jimmy; I am not spreading rumors it's just that today Jimmy came into OTM only this time with a dude who he reffered to as his partner (whatever that means).  I am not jumping to conclusions I am just putting it out there for the record.

*sets privacy on pc*

LOL!! you fugger!

we rolled to a scene plain clothes one day.

met there in seperate cars.

BOTH wearing the SAME T*U shirt.