I'm British and I wanted Henderson to win!

That's it really.

I wanted Henderson to win.

I always thought Bisping was a cock.

After the Hamill fight he moved up from being a cock to become a total fucking cunt!

Easy to post after he got KTFO, very ballsy.


You won't find any pro Bisping posts by me on this forum.

I'm in the same camp as the TS. In fact there really aren't many British fightsport athletes I do like.

plus, I do wrestling and so ther's a 'style' support for Henderson there as well..

^^^They all think they are something special without really doing anything in the sport.

I was never a fan.

Heartbroken Lee - 
jjj2121 - Easy to post after he got KTFO, very ballsy.

Fairweather fan, imo.

Dicktucker imo

 i m american and i wanted marcus davis to lose his recent fight

I did want James Thompson to beat Kimbo.

But I wanted Don Fyre to beat James!

I would still trade you Hillary Clinton for the corpse of Princess Diana, and I am a democrat