I'm calling Cain by TKO in round 2

Poor JDS, even his best version loses to a prepared Cain. I just can't see any way that a prepared Cain loses! Phone Post

It's comical to think that one Heavyweight can't stop another. I too think Cain wins this. But remember most guys over 155 have KO power especially when your hands are tapped, it's like a cast. The key to this fight is landing right on the face and FIRST. Phone Post 3.0

Cigano wins Phone Post

I pick Cain by TKO as well, but I think round 4. JDS should be tired by then. He says Cain hits like a girl, but I can guarantee you that he wont wanna get beat down again like that, which leaves him open for takedowns. Cain may not have one punch KO power, but he has enough to make you keep your hands up and not ready for the takedown Phone Post

I'm also amazed by JDS not remembering what is capable of happening. Phone Post 3.0

This is the first first in a long time where I don't have a fucking clue who's gonna win. Phone Post 3.0

Cain wins via flurry against the fence that puts JDS down in the 3rd

I got Cain by TKO in the 3rd Phone Post 3.0