"I'm Chicken" - Ogawa

I was cracking up when he wore that shirt in into the ring.


What was that about? Did Leko call him chicken?

Cause he looks like a chick w/ that pee wee hair cut.

He certainly acted like a chicken when he ran out to the ring, ran his beak a little then ran back out. It was funny. I like how the chicken on the shirt has his haircut. Funny stuff.

He is a chicken he is the only guy in the tournament that got to choose his opponent--he said he would fight only Leko or the sumo guy, in other words guys who had never fought MMA before

ZeSaku- I cannot speak fluent Japanese but I believe he just came out to react to Randleman. I believe Ogawa wants to wrestle Randleman in HUSTLE wrestling. HUSTLE is put on by Dreamstage. So I wouldn't look too far into Randleman challenging Ogawa. Pride probably told Randleman to challege him for the wrestling event after he won.

That staredown was awesome!

chicken is a sign of strength and honor

- in which culture?

Chicken means "aggressive and strong and willing to fight" in Japanese culture.

It makes sense too.

Have you ever seen a male Rooster? Those things are crazy, always looking to fight and peck the shit out of something.

I really don't know where the Americans got the idea that chicken = coward. Roosters, like most birds, are evil things that will peck the shit out of you. Watch a cockfight.

In Russian it's the same thing.

You can say a guy is acting like a "petooh", which means "rooster", when the guy is being very aggressive and wanting to throw down.

Ogawa is a rooster

in France, also you can use the term chicken when someone is strong...

The Japanese love the cock.

At least it didn't say "I'm Cock!"


i don't get how chicken could ever represent strength or bravery....
they are the stupidest, weakest animals.

a friend of mine who worked at a chicken processing plant said that
chickens would sometimes drown themselves by looking up while it
was raining

lol@tjf's post - never heard that before


TTT for a real explanation


that is a real explanation

a rooster will fuck you up