im choked/ not airing undercard

they show the Starnes fight but dont show Doerkson/Macdonald fight. i want 15 minutes of my life back. By Starnes past performances, Zuffa knew it would be a sleeper or a quick K.O. for Quarry. So why not show a no brainer action packed Doerkson/Macdonald?

^^^^Settle down! As paying customers we do have the right to bitch about obviously poor match-making. UFC usually does a good job, but this was definitely a "What the Fuck" match. I agree, an undercard match should've been there.

idiot. i said that airing Dorekson/Macdonald would have been more exciting for the fans. A better choice. i paid to watch. i would have gotten more from my dollar with the above mentioned fight. now STFD TUF NEWB