Im Conflicted

In the Shogun.vs. Coleman fight

I want shogun to win because the guy needs a damn win the in the UFC to put him back on track.. he is one my fav fighters... however

Coleman is a legend in the game.. a true pioneer. I also want him to get a much needed win back in the UFC. How great would that be

- thats all i got

 if coleman can have a good 1st round i think thats an accomplishment at this stage. i wanna see shogun rise again to the top

Agree withe OP

 I just want to see Coleman make a good show of it, regardless of whether or not he wins....

i'm just gladd coleman will get a paycheck.....

 I want to see Rua on top.  If he can get in shape he has the skills to be champ.  On top of that I want to see Coleman lose because he said he would be happy winning the same way he did before (freak accident).