I'm dissapointed with Couture

I saw the video where he bashes Vitor Belfort for apparently ducking him. I understand why Couture thinks it may be his business, but it really isn't. It's between Vitor's management and Zuffa. But I don't understand why he wanted to air his dirty laundary out in the public, and suggest that Vitor is ducking him.

I think Randy was out of line when he said those things about Vitor and his private business-dealings. Did Couture talk to Vitor personally? He's basically calling Vitor a coward, and 85% of the UG internet-fan base is jumping ship without even knowing half of the story.

Shame on MMAWeekly also for trying to spin it. It's a shameful display of bias IMO.

Randy doesn't seem like the type to fly off the handle without good reason. Randy should let Vitor fight Silva, then be the UFC savior to go to Japan and retrieve our belt.

It is Courture biz if his contract states an immediate rematch...

Also I think it's very disrespectful of Couture to bash Vitor on thinking his win is a bona-fide win.

By saying that, Couture implies that there was fraud involved with Vitor's victory, as opposed to a fluke.

"IMO Randy Couture and ZUFFA are using MMAWEEKLY.COM as they always do, to pressure Belfort into agreeing to terms that meet their best interests."

It is your opinion Todd, and that's about as much truth as is in that piece of turgid and sensationalistic writing.

So is Vitor an AVID fan of MMAWEEKLY.COM?... Will he feel pressured by Zuffa from their story, once he gets his daily fix of internet gossip??!

BS IMO. Todd will do anything.

Bullshit contact arrangement.


If Vitor won't fight Coture again immediatly then he is ducking him. The bottom line is that the win was a fluke and Vitor wants to wait until father time catchs up with Coture.

Ah, cerebralathlete, that would explain how he got the title shot so fast.

And Brian Davis should help Zuffa with any future contract issues.

I can't see Randy's professionalism being questioned something fishy is going on here.Its got to be a marketing ploy, build the hype, put the rematch off for awhile and hope for a huge ppv.


If it is true that this was the last fight on Vitor's contract, then it was a poor business decision on Zuffa's part and a great one on Belfort's part to fight for the belt. Vitor now has all of the leverage (i.e. the Pride champ and the former UFC champ both want a shot at him) and he can take his time and get the best deal.

Is it good for the fans? No. But think of it this way, the fans were booing him for winning the way he did and he wants to get his fair market value. There is nothing unethical about what he is doing if his contract is up. You have limited opportunity in this sport to get what you think you are worth and you have to take the chance to do so when opportunity knocks.

Can't blame Randy for having emotions. He feels the belt is still his and he should be the first person to get a shot at Belfort. Can't blame the guy.

Retarded stuff.

the Turd might be correct about Vitor's contract.

But...why bash Ryan Bennett like that. Bennett has a nice job working for NBC. He is a fan of MMA obviously but isn't desperate for a job.

Randy is the one being used for Zuffa's purposes. Ryan Bennett can either take the Randy interview....or pass on it and let another website have it.

Randy might be saying what Zuffa wants....but I'm sure Randy would also like to fight Vitor again.


Vitor is the champion. I agree with the chiefs original post.

Wasn't that Randy's last fight of his contract as well?

"Can't blame Randy for having emotions. He feels the belt is still his and he should be the first person to get a shot at Belfort. Can't blame the guy. "

Well maybe Tito still thinks it is his belt and Couture didnt give him a rematch so I dont think Couture has alot of room to talk.