I'm doing seminars in Munich on October 8,10,& 11



KS Gym

Zenettistr. 48

80337 München



0152 - 08950738







Seminar Times:

October 8th Thursday / 20:30 to 22:00 / 10€ per person

* October 10th Saturday / 4+ hours Gi & No-Gi/MMA / 45€ per person

October 11th Sunday / 16:00 to 18:00 / 10€ per person


* The time & location for the seminar on Saturday will be announced soon. We are expecting a good turn out, so we need to secure a slightly larger venue than the KS Gym.


Hope to see some of you guys in October!


- Dustin Ware




Congratulations, man! Have fun!

 Will do bro! 

Went over in May 2008 for a week, loved it!  Taught a few classes...had a few beers!

One of my former students is from Germany, and has built a really solid school there.  They have recently been competeing alot, and winning some golds!  I am very proud of them, and I am very much looking forward to my visit.

Need somebody to carry your bags:)


Funny you menton that....I have one of my students going over with me!  He does not know it yet...but that is his job.

Besides, as a Brown Belt, I would feel weired having you carry my bags :-)

Hope all is well in "The Lou"...hope you and your guys can make it to my next OGC.  IT is going to be a SUBMISSION ONLY event!!!

 Month away...cant wait...working my my german now!!!