I'm done

"and now I can enjoy a bowl of ice cream whenever I want." That's the spirit! LOL Congrats man!


Its a sad day in MMA to hear someone as young and talented like you retiring from a sport I know you love. But I guess you made a tough descion and MAY GOD BLESS YOU in your new PATH. As a PROMOTER & FREIND I will miss you in ACTION..TTT 4 K.T. and HMC!!

It is a sad day, but also it is a happy day in my opinion. I have seen kawasakiyo actually "enjoy" a couple of beers with the boy's the other night! I am kinda sad that he never came to my b-day party, but I know he had much more important things going on, like his anniversary, and believe me, I know exactly what it means to try to spend as much time as you can with the ones that you love! I will always admire his determination and virtues that he has, and I totally respect whatever path he chooses! Take it from me Kawasakiyo, try to do as much as you can for Joy cause in the end, she'll be the first one there standing for you , no matter what happens!!!!But behind her will be all your HMC brothers!!!!!!!!!!!!!HMC to the top!!!!!!!!


Good luck with the next phase of your life. The good news is that BJJ is such a long and fulfilling journey that it will take care of your free time for the next 5 years at least!

Andy Wang/
Taipei BJJ Academy

*PS, I liked everybody on your list, but tell Tsuruya the next time I see him, it's ON!!!

Kyle... It has been a priviledge to meet you and a great experience to see you in the ring. When I make it out there again, we will hook up for some ice cream bro (since I don't fight, I acn be fat whenever I want... which is pretty much always).

Take care

ttt for Sapateru... SumoBurger eating champ... (4.5 minutes... holy crap... :)
you're still my hero bro'... ;)

Kickboxer aka Beau Toichi, thanks, you are very correct.

Andy, thanks man, next time I talk to Tsuruya, I'll tell him. I know he'll be glad to hear from you.

Rich, thanks so much, you are the only guy who would predict victories for me when everyone else thought I would lose. That meant a lot. Next time you're in Hawaii let's definately hook up for some ice cream (can you try to stay for more than 48hrs here though, LOL.)

Wolverine, I'm up for a sumo burger.

"I'm done"

Maybe with fighting, but I bet you have a wealth of knowledge on helping others still!! Right?

Good luck with you're ice cream & sumo burger (& whatever else you do)!!! :-)

TTT for Kyle - the athletes are what this sport is about (whether they are active fighters, training others, or just building the spirit of the sport by virtue of their spirit).

"Wolverine, I'm up for a sumo burger."

I ain't... :(
I'm still cringing from the last time we all went with Rigan and BJ and everyone... the time when kickboxerX5 aka Beau Toichi punked me... :P

How about a nice salad?... :P

Hey Yo-xxxxx!

How about some top sirloin steak instead of a sumo burger. I saw Mr. Dosik today at 24 hour Kapiolani. Apparently he now sells steak right in front of the gym. $6 for steak plate lunch. I work nights this week so if you want to grind let me know.

HMC Wolverine - To Chau's?

Scitex - Sounds good, but this week I'm kind of busy. I gotta teach Tuesday and my kids on Wednesday, then work Thurs and Fri. Maybe next week.

Forgot, to Mr. Dan Kakugawa, thank you! you're my second favorite uncle behind Seth McKinney.

Damn this thread makes me feel old :-) Hey Kyle NAGA is calling!!!

Hey Itchyboto do you think HMC would want to do a demonstration at Enfuego grill & poke (Todd tanaka's resteraunt in kapolei) 1 year Anniversary? So far the Onzuka bros. and George Kotaka are lined up for demo's. On Karate & jiujitsu, maybe you guys might wanna do a mma or kickboxing demo and hand out school info etc.

The grinds are killer too and im sure todd will hook it up! If your interested shoot me an email or something.

oops sorry jack your thread, good luck with retirement, see you in sept!

no prob, Mad Tiger, thanks. I'm older than I look. See you in September.

Hey MT gimme the details. I think the HMC crew could do something for you! Did anyone say SUMO BURGERS???????

Hey Abe where you training at? Ill be in newport on 9/2.

"HMC Wolverine - To Chau's?"

you never have to ask me twice on that one... ;)
and BIG thanks to you and "the Chinaman" for taking me there today...
you guys made my day...

cuzin' it... still crack up every time i think of that one...


To Chaus today!!!!!!!!!

I love To Chau Wednesdays, too bad it's raining though.