I'm down in the dumps

Also OP, if I was down in the dumps I ask what could a member post that might cheer me up, and this is what I came up with.

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I allow a considerable amount of Video Games, Movies and YouTube tablet time. However, I make it earned. For every hour of those things, depending on the age, I require one or several worksheets to be completed 100% correctly even on the weekends. We are in involved in every team sport so I don’t have to worry about a lack of exercise. I also recommend, if you are able, to either Coach or Umpire/Referee whenever and wherever you can.

Try this site:


Street smarts. You might want to repremand him for lying but say, “look, I DO NOT approve of you lying, but I do want to acknowledge, that was clever thinking on your part, just don’t do it again”. Hearing from his dad that he did something “smart/clever” might lift his spirits.

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Bruh, do you have kids?

…also I do not know or could not know the full effect of his condition but I will hope for you and him that since he is young and in a state of growth and evolution that there is chance for his system to correct this condition.

perhaps the reading/learning could be a form of exercising the mind the way that some people are able to exercise the body to strengthen it. I hope that the SuperHero thing could provide some inspiration.

life can be a mystery we are not always able to understand…thoughts and prayers to you friend.

Try not to let it get you too down man. I know when it’s your son that it’s gotta be heartbreaking to know he’s miserable and struggling in school. All you can do at this point is do everything you can to find a solution and try to make the process of school as easy and enjoyable as possible for him.

Your little man does not feel challenged enough, thus his boredom, lack of interest. Introduce him to trades that both challenge him physically and intellectually. Allow him to walk his own path.

You’re welcome. Also you should know that site’s worksheets come with answer keys for good but “special” fathers like you, :laughing:

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This right here!!

And keep up the great work dad!! Chin up! This is parenting and its quite the mindfuck…

How are you feeling this morning?

@Kirik_Jr I hope he dick punches you on sight for being such a little pussy.

Solid strategy.

It reinforces the fact that schoolwork is a priority. Not every kid is going to be an A student, but they have to put in the work to do the best they can.

My oldest is one of the smartest people i know (now in an extremely competitive engineering school) but he would regularly fuck up and blow off homework and assignments so he’d lose online time as a result.

OP, if you haven’t already done so you should IMMEDIATELY get the school involved and get your kid extra time/resources in the classroom. Where I live they call it an IEP or 504 program and it requires things like extra time to complete assignments, teacher assistant in the classroom, extra resources/instructions from the teachers, etc, etc.

Your kid legit has a brain issue, so make the school maximize the resources they provide.


I hope you don’t get accused of looking like Jared Fogle, you may never get invited back.

Good for you. You care about your kid and are trying. That counts a lot. He will find something he can gravitate to in school. It is trail and error for kids. Just support him like you are doing and it will work out.

Sounds like me when i was a kid…Get him an audio book of something he’s interested in, that helped me, i haven’t read a book in years or ever lol but ive listend to a bunch of audio books that keep my interests

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Great attitude, seriously. Parenting, even when things are going well, can be difficult. No user guides, no repair manuals. You just have to learn to trust your best guess, educated or not, and see how it works. My kids, and all the mistakes I’ve made raising them, have taught me more about myself than I would care to admit and there’s plenty I would do differently, or did do differently with my 2nd vs. my 1st.

You’re a better man for all of it and it sounds to me like you’re a good father so just keep it up and trust that everything will work out as long as you keep caring and learning.

Have you considered getting him counseling? Sometimes the juniors need someone to talk things through with and a professional may have insight you don’t.

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Counseling is a good idea. Even when the parents are amicable, divorce is hard for kids