I'm down in the dumps

@Altofsky I agree. To be honest I was exactly the same when I was a kid. I hated school, I would try to sneak out of school and go home because my house was right next door to my school lol.

As far as CPS, yeah that’s just bullshit. But I understand it. Any kid who says anything about that general region is going to raise eyebrows with schools. I’m glad they’re watching that shit close.

I asked him why he said that particular lie and he said he chose it because I told him to never show his pecker to an adult no matter what. So he knew he wouldn’t have to prove it to the nurse.

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Also OP, if I was down in the dumps I ask what could a member post that might cheer me up, and this is what I came up with.

A gif of Jenny McCarthy almost nude. NSFW


I allow a considerable amount of Video Games, Movies and YouTube tablet time. However, I make it earned. For every hour of those things, depending on the age, I require one or several worksheets to be completed 100% correctly even on the weekends. We are in involved in every team sport so I don’t have to worry about a lack of exercise. I also recommend, if you are able, to either Coach or Umpire/Referee whenever and wherever you can.

Try this site:


Street smarts. You might want to repremand him for lying but say, “look, I DO NOT approve of you lying, but I do want to acknowledge, that was clever thinking on your part, just don’t do it again”. Hearing from his dad that he did something “smart/clever” might lift his spirits.

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Bruh, do you have kids?

@BringBackHeadbutts his mom and I get along great. We rarely even have a crossed word. We have already discussed this on phone earlier and I think we got things figured out. She’s just really timid and sometimes I think she don’t wanna tell me stuff because she worries that I’ll think she’s doing a bad job or something. Hell I don’t even know. Girls are wacky.


…also I do not know or could not know the full effect of his condition but I will hope for you and him that since he is young and in a state of growth and evolution that there is chance for his system to correct this condition.

perhaps the reading/learning could be a form of exercising the mind the way that some people are able to exercise the body to strengthen it. I hope that the SuperHero thing could provide some inspiration.

life can be a mystery we are not always able to understand…thoughts and prayers to you friend.

@Homelander he doesn’t like sports I do work on jiu jitsu with him. I’m not great. Just purple belt, but good enough to teach him basics.

He loves xbox. So I can use that against him. I never thought of doing things the way you said but that seems brilliant! I like this a lot and will be implementing this in my household. Thank you so much dude.


@MojoSoDope , I would insult you back but I know your feeble NC redneck mind probably wouldn’t even realize you were being insulted.

Thanks man. Got me laughing when I was feeling blue. Mucho appreciate.

@theraskal , his brain condition is one that you aim to manage, not cure. They won’t operate unless something happens to one of the growths, and there is no medicine to do anything to them.

Thank you good buddy.

Try not to let it get you too down man. I know when it’s your son that it’s gotta be heartbreaking to know he’s miserable and struggling in school. All you can do at this point is do everything you can to find a solution and try to make the process of school as easy and enjoyable as possible for him.

Your little man does not feel challenged enough, thus his boredom, lack of interest. Introduce him to trades that both challenge him physically and intellectually. Allow him to walk his own path.

You’re welcome. Also you should know that site’s worksheets come with answer keys for good but “special” fathers like you, :laughing:

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You’re just jealous of my wolf shirt and bulging biceps.

But yeah, I would definitely need a cheat sheet lmao.

Thanks everyone for all the advice and help. I feel better today. Ready to get this stuff taken care of!

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This right here!!

And keep up the great work dad!! Chin up! This is parenting and its quite the mindfuck…

How are you feeling this morning?

I feel better. Think I just wanted to talk about it. I got some good ideas from all you queers. Looking forward to seeing little dude tonight. Generally my mood swings only last for an hour and then I’m back to being my retarded self lol

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@Kirik_Jr I hope he dick punches you on sight for being such a little pussy.

Thanks @NorthernHospitality. I’m back on track today. I’ll figure it out and help him.

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