I'm fighting Louis Berube in a Gi SuperFight Jan21

I am fighting Louis Bérubé, a BTT-Canada black belt under Fabio Holanda, at the Montreal Grappling Grand Prix on January 21 in a gi super fight. He owns his own Academy BJJ Quebec, is a school professor, has a beautiful fiancee, and is nothing but a respectful man all the time. He has everything I want in life and on January 21 I will be sure to be the best I've ever been on the mats to face such a great competitor and ambassador for the martial art in Quebec.

When I said I thought Louis Bérubé, my Montreal Grappling Grand Prix Super Fight opponent on January 21, was a great guy, I meant every word.

When my sister in law sadly died, Tristar Gym and Montreal Grappling organized a 3 hour NoGi seminar with myself as the instructor a month after the tragedy to raise money for Suicide Action Montreal (http://www.suicideactionmontreal.org/). Everyone was invited to come and train, paying whatever they could to participate with 100% of all the money going to the charity which is Quebec's only suicide prevention organization; working with hospitals, schools, and the public.

Well let me tell you this. Louis Bérubé drove 3 hours from Quebec City to come to my seminar which took place on October 2nd this year. Not only that but he brought several of his students, his assistant instructor, and his fiancée as well. I respect this man not only because he is a gentleman but because he deserves such respect.

I can see Louis Bérubé has my back when I need it. He can count on me I will have his back. No pun intended.

-David Aguzzi

It's now less than 2 weeks away and I'm quite excited. I'm working hard both at Tristar Gym and at my home where guys have come from all over Quebec and even Ontario to drill technique and roll with me in preparation for this.

A week away, I'm pumped.

 I somehow missed your first post until now.

My condolences to your family for the passing of your sister in law.

Best of luck in the fight!

Thanks, I was successful.

I was up 18-0 before finishing him with a back gi choke. The video will be posted with the rest of the tournament on the Montreal Grappling YouTube Channel at www.youtube.com/MontrealGrappling