I'm getting jacked as f*ck

My thighs are growing at a rate that I have never seen. My arms looking pretty jacked.

Eating a lot and lifting heavy. I have an assessment week coming up and I believe my max dead and squats will be the highest in my lifetime.

No way can I achieve my Charles Bronson goal because my legs are so masculine.

I may need to adjust.


I had some fashionable sorts from Marine Layer but I can’t even get them onto my thighs anymore.

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The real question is, with your new physique, can you rock a pair of camo cargo shorts with ease?

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I have been wearing a lot of athleisure. Joggers and shorts from Vuori.

I worry about all of my tailored dress pants. They aren’t going to fit.

With fall approaching, how will you be able to layer effectively? So blase that you’d be reduced to mere athlesiure.

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Stop, I’ve been hitting the gym hard. I’ve been on a rigid super squat program. My 1RM has exploded through the roof. Uhtred can attest to this.

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I have adapted to my new environment.

It’ll be warm until November. I will worry about layering then.

Lay off the seafood. Its obvious whatever your eating has a high level of mercury which is known to cause random bouts of hallucinations.

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I joined a gym that has group lifting classes. The focus is on mostly basic compound movements and progressive overload.

It is pretty awesome how quickly the results are happening.

I am hoping to pull 375 on my DL at the end of this 13 week cycle.

Compound lifts are the best lifts.

Did you just refer to yourself in third person in the dumbest way I’ve ever seen or did zned just fuck up and post on his alt as himself? Or am I too high too early


You smoked too much.

Squats, bench, dead, and pull-ups and the foundations. One of each will be the basis of each workout.

It is broken up into a 13 week cycle. The workouts always different.

6 2 week periods, then one week of assessing max lifts and physical assessments. IT is really a great gym. It took about 6 weeks and the changes in my body and how I feel got pretty dramatic.

I’ll go along with it. The alts are the only thing giving this place an illusion of activity for the few of use without them anyway.

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You might want to lower the dosage.

I don’t know why you’re alleging there are alts. Like that’s a pretty heavy accusation…

Nice. I did the Starting Strength program about 10+ years ago. Going through the “Novice Phase” was beyond cool. My lifts skyrocketed, my legs got huge and I bulked up about 20 lbs of mostly muscle. I was a hard-gainer, the hardest part was eating enough to sustain the gains.

Best injury insurance there is too, body didn’t feel as wrecked anymore in Jiu-jitsu after that.

Pic or you are full of shit