I'm getting jacked as f*ck

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Why would you reply to a post directed at zned, in zneds style, speaking of the squat routine that zned was on? Saying uhtred (YOURSELF) can attest to it? Get got bud

Yeah. I don’t feel like I am going to break when I go surfing, and all around feel much stronger.

I haven’t done much to try to put muscle on in many years, I was always trying to lose weight.

I remember struggle to get just a little bit of muscle on when I was late teens early twenties, it was nearly impossible. Now in my 40s it just grows.

In all seriousness, the eating and maintaining a strict caloric surplus on top of swimming and running is the bane of my existence. I’m in the pool anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half every day. And I run around 40 miles per week on top of that.

Uhtred get back to training. You have some FBI HRT selection course to pass

Uhh what? That isn’t direct entry and why would I be doing that lol…

There are units like SEALs for example that would give someone like me the opportunity to try out genius.

The gym has posted several in their stories, and Mrs Ned posted one of me squatting and two of me deadlifting on IG. My form is perfect.

Don’t forget black combat boots and a fashionable Fanny pack.

multicam black gang gang

Yeah I started the program when I just turned 30 and was your classic skinny hard-gainer. A buddy turned me onto 70sbig:

Eating big was part of the training. Drank a ton of milk back then too. I’m older now so I’m a little more careful with what I eat. But back then it was exactly what I needed (and my health, cholesterol, numbers were always stellar).

I haven’t been counting macros, but just trying to make sure I eat protein and veggies with every meal. I am in the gym 4-5x a week, so I am starving and eating all the time.

Macros and Miconutrients are everything. I mean you should be eating your weight in protein.

did zned just fuck up and post on his alt as himself? Or am I too high too early

Be a little less naive…

if … if… if you are using an ALT

you will be as bad as PSL orcus Nytron etc.

I don’t have an alt.

@kirik and most mods can confirm that I am not @Uhtred_Ragnarson

Guys it’s literally a 1-2 trick I would do with Ned from years back. People fell for it every time. I was just referencing that.

Once upon a time I would relentlessly troll the OG during my college classes. Philosophy and ethics was mostly dedicated to focusing on how to play the part of the most effeminate dramatic NYC liberal fashionista.

All in good fun.

You were serious about cargo shorts being the clothing of idiot peasants.

Lol at paying $100 for joggers.
Good work on the lifting.

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