I'm getting really tired of the OG

 Some of them are alright, but for the most part that forum is full of lying braggarts, unfunnies, and even racists.

There is never any good fighting anymore and it all just fake stories that aren't even funny. 

Another thing is that the pretentiousness of that forum is actually starting to catch up with the UG (as hard as that is to believe).

The only thing that bothers me are the racists.

 I think it is just a bad day on there.

 I think it is just a bad day on there.

 fred, will you please check out my thread on the OG now?

I've suspected that you were too good for that cesspool.

GTFO ArtWanderlei


I stopped coming here for a year and it seems less alive.

Fighting - Please don't go back, fagot. Seriously.

 OH DAMN!  Warmonkey you gonna take that?

We must find a way to co-exist!! Phone Post

I dream of yesterday.

We will unite with the power of...pussy!