I'm Getting Some Tribal!

Well, kinda. I'm getting the words "Tribal" written as a band across my leg as a joke.

I know some of you have some joke tattoos, so please share them


I've got a tattless teammate that fights on my team that has the announcer say he's sponsored by "Invisible Ink Tattoo Parlor" when he walks to the cage since three fourths of the rest of the card is always sponsored by one parlor or another

get a tat of a rooster hanging from a noose on your calf

that way you will have a cock hanging below your knee

Get the words "Your Name" tattooed on your ass.

"Dude, I've got your name on my ass.   Wanna bet?"

I have a "W" on each butt cheek so when I bend over it says "WOW".

Handstands say "MOM" and...

Cartwheels say "WOW MOM".

I'm also fond of the "Your Mom" in a heart tattoo

I've got Rocky the Squirrel on my inner thigh reaching for my nuts.

THere's 7 of us that have this one..

I have a monkey bending over looking thru his legs, with 'aloha' on the monkey's ass...and the 'o' is right where the buthole is.

Unfortunately, we were all pretty drunk when we decided to do this..7 tattoo artists sitting around bored and drunk after a superbowl 13 years ago...We decide to pick out an old sailor tattoo and work on each other. I decided to go first not knowing until halfway thru the outline that the stencil got put on UPSIDE DOWN!

So like good friends, the rest of the guys got it put on like that also. Now it looks like he's balancing on his tail.

Lesson #1...don't get drunk and tattoo

Lesson #2...if you DO get drunk and tattoo..make sure the damn stencil is on right FIRST.

^^^you have some cool friends, cuz you might've been ass out had it been me. lol

this thread is useless without pics

I have a piece of Sailor Jerry flash. It's a rat fucking a football with the word "Touchdown!" beneath it. The rat's tongue is out, he's exhausted and there's hearts above his head.

It's adorable.

MikeZev is correct.

ttt. cmon mario, lets see some monkey bunghole.the rat sex sounds good too.