I'm going to Australia

in November.

Are you excited?

Judging by your hobbies - no

what do you have against Muay Thai?

It's the BJJ I have a problem with

I have to respect that.

Can't wait to rape...I mean...visit your beautiful country!

Is OMA coming too (crosses fingers).

Training trip or vacation?

What's the itinerary?


and fags. You are on a roll today BenBJJ.

XFC, hope to get some training in. May not be able due to shoulder surgery though. But its a vacation. I would love to roll with Elvis and Anthony if possible.

Hopefully we'll be going to Thailand so I can get some Muay Thai in before headed back home.

I'll be spending a majority of time in the Sydney area.

C'mon, what harm is one more fuckwit? And I'm not gay. My girlfriend will be coming with.

Old Boxer, OMA will not be coming. Sorry. We don't often travel together (contrary to popular belief).

You say you don't swing that way now but a few weeks in Australia's anus will gay you up a bit. There are plenty of world class MT fighters here for you to train with but stay away from the tenderbox.

Are you guys familiar with Scotland Island and Newport Beach?

Any cool places to check out in that area?

hey fabes, scotland island and newport beach are on the northern beaches so the closest bjj is gracie barra.

former k1 fighter adam watt also lives on the northern beaches and he has his office in the same building as gracie barra.

scotland island is essentially a secluded island where hillbilly type have retreated to. the reality is that the people who live there are generally fairly well-to-do but want to lead a "different" lifestyle.

newport has the newport arms, best beer garden on a sunday afternoon

there are some nice things to see on the northern beaches but nothing mindblowing but it's all relative i guess.

thanks dojo stormer. greatly appreciated.

who trains/teaches at gracie barra there? anyone i've heard of?

head instructor is marcelo rezende, bb under carlinhos.

he is the grappling instructor for mark hunt (you may of heard of him) and also brad morris (who is fighting on bodog soon).


shoot him an email.

cool. thanks again.

we'll see if these black belts can handle my blue belt leglocks!


how long u planning on staying?

About two weeks.

thats not long enough to do much, enjoy ur stay anyway


Sorry. That's all the time I've got.

I used to live on scotland island... i never expected it to be mentioned in here! hehe

anyway yeah the newport arms is a good idea.... my god the women there are beautiful - and don't they know it! go there for a saturday afternoon... vey nice

or you could go to warriewood beach and do the jump off the southern headland if you're feeling... jumpy...?

mona vale hotel is also popular from memory

that's all i can think of right now... unless you're a fan of home and away...