I'm going to be a dad.

Excited, terrified and a little stressed.

Wife and I have been trying for a few years. She got her nipt test and everything came back great.


Wife really wanted a boy, found out it's a girl. Personally I'm over the moon about having a little girl. I know my life will be full of stress from here on out but I will raise a little badass. I'll make sure her first steps are on the wrestling mats or tatami.


She will have half a race card to pull and the gender card. Hopefully she will use her sjw points to her advantage. Her mom is Japanese and I am a Canadian (Euro mutt) so she will be a cute little happa.


Only downer about the whole situation is I will have to stay at my job that I'm not really fond of. Kind of a golden handcuffs situation. Great job and benefits will go a long way. Oh well another 5-10 years in the shipyard.


End of March is the due date. Wish me luck bros.

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Congrats brotha. 

Congrats! I love my boy, but that little girl...she has my heart. 

Oh, and RIP your sleep and bank account. 


Dajuisher -

Oh, and RIP your sleep and bank account. 

Hahaha. Hence staying at the job I'm currently at.


I'm lucky, my mother in law is coming from Japan for the first four months to help out. I know it doesn't get easier after four months but having her there will be nice. It's our first kid so she can help show us the ropes.

its an incredible thing

congrats youre gonna love it 

the rest of mankind manages, you will too.

best thing you'll do in life.  congrats!


Raising a girl these days has to be rough. They're meaner than boys.

I suggest you start drinking heavily


 Best Thing in the World.  


Congratulations OP




Little girls have a way of melting a dad's heart. Don't let them know they can do that lol.