I'm going to be playing for Shania

On July 6th, in Orlando, at the TD Waterhouse as part of her drumline.

A local radio station held a contest. I had to send in a 30 second solo.

They chose 30 finalists, and I was one of them. Then, they cut it to 12 that would go on to be in her drumline....and I was one of the 12.

I didn't get to compete in Guitarmageddon this year, but this sure makes up for it.

Congrats man! Thats awesome.

cool man! good luck


Totally badass.

You seriously, really,  must post pics!

Thanks everyone.

As far as pics go, they told me I could bring a camera in to soundcheck, but I'm not sure if she's going to come and greet us during it or not. I hope so.

TTT for pix- I say we even make a special SG tapout subforum just for the special occasion....well with Shania willing of course :)

You better be paracticing like a mother cause this is one of those rare once in a lifetime chances.

Embalmer is correct.

Awesome!!! Good luck

that's awesome man


I'm glad MO, you deserve it!!! Congrats!!! Who knows what this will lead to...... :-)