I'm going to torrance, CA; places to train?

In about a week I'm heading to torrance for a few days to visit a friend; I wanted to train a couple times while Im out there, any recommendations?

I'm primarily interested in boxing, no-gi, and (to a lesser extent) wrestling and judo. I've got a couple years of sub grappling and wrestling and about a year and a half of boxing, but not much judo experience. I've never trained jiu-jitsu with a gi, and while I'm not against it, I feel like to get anything out of just an afternoon's worth of training I need to already have an idea of what's going on.

I know the original gracie school is out there, but the website made them seem pretty expensive and not very friendly to someone just stopping by. I'm mostly interested in getting to take a couple classes and roll a little; I'm not really any good, I just love the sport(s).

I'd also love to check out a boxing gym, but I'm even worse at that (I'm roughly on par with some of my training partners who are fighting novice class amateur, but haven't fought yet myself) and don't want to go to some place where they will toss me in the ring with their best guys so I can get mauled.

 Well, I guess the easy answer would be Gracie Jiu Jitsu just off the 405 and Artesia


CSW in Fullerton is not far either Phone Post

I would suggest the Gracie academy - just make sure you tell them that you think the Gi is worthless and for pussies, and that you just want to do no-gi

Awesome, good idea. I'll probably show up and tell them I want to challenge Helios to a NHB match, then yell about how he's ducking me when they says he's in brazil. Phone Post

Or when they say he is dead. Douche. Phone Post

Woah, helio is dead? I hadn't heard, yikes. I am a douche. Phone Post

 WTF?  and from an  02er

I know.... I have no idea how I didn't hear about this. I didn't get on here for a little while and took about a year off from training, I guess that's how (none of my friends/family are in to mma). I'm really bummed to hear this.

Wikipedia says he was teaching up to 10 days before his death, he was a bad ass for sure. God damn, I'm a piece of shit! Phone Post

Antonio McKee @ Bodyshop in Lakewood CA. has some decent training.  If you're a fighter is would be the perfect time to be there especially with McKee fighting in Jan and Jason High fighting Sakurai in Dynamite. 

The Gracie Academy is badass, but chances are you won't be able to roll. When I went, it was just a class and then no rolling afterward, which kinda disappointed me.

 1 hour away at Next Generation MMA in the OC I will be training every night if you want to roll with me I'm down.

seul..the king of the fucking kimura is talking to you^^ :-D

Man, that'd be pretty cool. I love kimura's. I'm definitely going to forum member andre's gym to see his classes, it turns out he's only 15 minutes from where I'm staying. I'd love to make it over to roll some, I need to figure out how to schedule this though (I'm only going to be there 5 days and my girlfriend will stab me in my sleep if I spend every night in the gym during our vacation). I appreciate all the replies, you guys are really helping me out. Phone Post

 You should head down to Kings MMA in Huntington beach. It's about a 45 minute drive, but Rafael Cordeiro is the man. 

 Well text me if your interested

 Wild Card is pretty close too. Freddie Roach is very cool. The first day is free to train and it's only $5 a day after that. Well worth it.