I'm gonna be drunk early tonight.

I'm going to pick up my pizza and beer right now, then I'm gonna watch the rest of this Spurs vs Magic game and on to the Kings vs Wolves.
Just giving you guys a heads up. :)

Go kings Go!

the kings are going to take out the trash just like they always go.

I hope so, the game in Minnesota was down to the wire.

Wow, this Magic vs Spurs game just got close again.

Magic up by 6 with less than 3 mins left in the third!!!

80-75 Orlando after 3 quarters. Wow

Orlando doesn't stand a chance, as much as i like tracy mcgrady and used to like drew gooden.
they are going to lose.

Yup, back down by 9 with 4 minutes to go, they are worn out and making bad decisions and shots due to that.

the problem with mcgrady is that he doesn't make the players around him better. i feel bad for T-Mac i don't know how much more of this he can sustain.
i could imagine a T-mac for Kobe trade possibly next season.

Duncan kicked ass tonight, now it's time for the real game. :)

lol floppy have u realised that we're basicly just talking to one another, there's no one else on...

Rockets get a great win on the road vs New Orleans. Tommorrow we get to play Detroit in Houston.

well i guess this disproves my previous statement

HOLY SHIT!!! Best 4 and a half minutes of basketball I've seen so far this season!!! This game is gonna be fucking SICK!!

Garnett will unfortunately most likely tool Vlade but Miller will tool Hoiberg.

And don't worry folks, I'm not gonna be drunk on malt lix tonight, that was just the starter, I'm onto regular beer now. :)

damn... peja plays so well when Webber is out of the line up.

You are correct, but I'm worried cause the Kings are only leading cause of 3 pointers. I've got a feeling those aren't gonna be falling all night.

lol floppy haven't you watched the kings long enough to know how they play! they constantly shoot threes and then they start taking to the hole(more often) once the opposing team starts playing D on them up close.

It doesn't always work that way for them, and I've seen them get soft late at times.


this is hilarious, it seems as though minnesota just can't keep up with sacramento. KG, Latrell, Cassell are all shooting well yet they can't handle the swashbuckling offense of the kings.