I'm gonna be drunk early tonight.

lol, whatever, I'm not at all satisfied with this one point lead going into the half. 56-55 Kings

Oh, and Ashtray, that's awesome for the Rox. Hopefully the back to back won't have an effect, but it usually does. GO YAO!!


Damnit, down by 11 with around 2 in the third.


80-71 Wolves going into the third. That = :( for me and :) for you other people. lol

LMAO!!! I literally l'dol when Miller tied it. This is an awesome game regardless of the outcome. WOWEEZOWEE!!! :)) My one gripe, WHERE'S PEJA?!?!?!

Wolves up by 2 with 4 minutes to go. This game is crazy.

94-94, MADNESS!!!

LMAO!!! Holy shit, at first I was pissed when I saw Bibby burning the clock only to take the shot himself, but when he made it I was lovin it. :)

Oh, and btw, the game ain't over, but either way the Kings got some favorable home calls. Just tryin to be objective. :)

DAAAAAAAAAMN!!! KG came through with a 3 pointer to make it a 3 point game with less than 30 to go in the game.

OMFG!!! I'm gonna throw up, KG ties it at 102 with his second straight 3. :(~

Apparently Miller missed both free throws when I typed out KG's first 3. :(~~~~~~~


Fuck, 110-107 Minnesota in OT with something like 40 seconds to go. I think I'm gonna kill myself and go to sleep for good. :)

K f-ing G baby

*tries to avoid shoes but pukes on them anyways*


FUCK YOU SLASH!!! :) Your post on the Raptors Bulls deal will make you look like a crack baby for the rest of the season!! :)

*goes to store to drink self into unconciousness*

lol, I agree about KG though, that was just disgusting.....ly lucky. :)

If only I could throw up and make it all better. :)