I'm gonna twitter live updates of the fights today

 If you don't want to know the results of the prelims don't peek, but if you want to know the results and my thoughts right away, go to www.twitter.com/joerogandotnet

I'm going to be updating it starting with the first bout at 4pm Nashville time.


twittering with Joe!

twitters furiously

Im all over twitter like stink on pussy i mean on shit oops

They're only guarenteed to show 4 of the 12 fights on TV. Would be nice to get some input on the others.

sweet, you can keep me up to speed while training tonight

 do I need to sign up to view twitters?

 oh hell no

 Don't be a Twitt


Conway Twittyer

Twitter=MethHead trying to send a text message

^ lol


joerogandotnet: Aaron simpson wins by tko in the 1st. Very explosive dude!

awesome man, that's badass!


now I understand twitter.


Don't hold back joe. Let your twitter words flow.


joerogandotnet: Rob kimmons put joe vedepo to sleep with one of the deepest guillotines I've ever seen

 She had a great pair of Twitts !