I'm growing fruits and veggies in a potted garden


I use one of these it tests the soil for moisture and is it’s wet I skip watering if it’s dry I water. You can also test pH levels.

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Pretty sure that is what is was originally designed for. No plans to grow cash crop…yet. I would need temp/humidity control and more knowledge. Legal rec weed in my state so no supply issues.

Figured I can use it for starts, micro greens, and over wintering at least. Did one batch of microgreens so far. Delicious.

Been impressed with it so far.

Fancy tent to start seeds in. I have a smaller T5 set up that I’m gonna use to get my seeds started.

I do have a grow tent with weed in it so that’s a no go for me, lol.

Any of you guys ever consider using an instapot to start seeds? Apparently putting it on the yogurt setting is a good way to get the seeds started.

Definitely a nice set up I just start my seeds outs in the pots I’m going to grow them in.

I just put the seeds in the dirt and they grown. Nothing fancy for me.

I’m looking at daytime temps in the low 50s and low 30s for overnights. They are calling for 30 and snow on Saturday. I’ll sow direct to ground or pot once we warm up. Garlic is doing great. Growing Garlic - #24 by FIJI

Justification to myself on buying the tent.
Our grow season is short and plant starts get spendy, are weak, or I can’t get the varieties I want. Payback should be one season to less than two. I wanted something to contain the UV light and humidity.

I’ll be reaching out to convert at some point @NoNeed4aScreenName

Exact same one I’m using.

You have to right seasons. Perennials haven’t quite come back from the winter in my area yet.

I’m far behind. I should have started my seeds 2 a week or so ago

Guess I’m lucky being in zone 9b and it’s already in the 90s here.

Prepped my pots this weekend.

Planted some dahlias. Daytime highs in the low 60s this week.


Awesome those fabric pots work great they are what I use. They allow the soil to breathe and not burn the roots.


Only cucumber sprouting in the bare looking Summer bed there. Red, Purple bell and Jalapeno peppers, Cilantro and Zucchini will take a while.

Bok choy, Hon Tsai Thai (heirloom chinese brocolli style) , blue kale, a couple kinda of rapini, rainbow chard, and struggling most so far, Brocolli in the Early Spring veg bed.

Going to thin the arugalas , lettuces and greens out an 1" between approx, once they hit about 4" tall, but tempted to leave baby and just harvest that way til heat hurts em in June and I do something else in there.

Got moisture meter Mutant mentioned otw in mail, appreciate it!



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Anytime, you really did an awesome job!

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My only bed planted with watermelon, cantaloupe, cucumber, honey dew, onion, and some volunteer tomatoes, peppers and eggplant that it never planted so birds dropped the seeds. Starting to kick off.


What’s your watering schedule look like?

This week it cooled off into the 80s so once in the evening, next week when it’s pushing 100 I’ll add a light watering in the morning.

I also use the water gauge to keep check how much moisture is in soil.

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Just planted some seeds indoors in anticipation of putting them in the ground around memorial day. I should have started a couple of weeks ago. We’ll see how it goes. If it doesn’t work out I can always buy starts like I usually do.

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Thanks homies.
Just went out there , and me and dog were too late, some rabbits or birds pillaged a few seeds lol oh well.

,Looking healthy Mutant, what’s the wooden trellis, or whatever you’d call that tripod teepee shape for, maters?