I'm growing fruits and veggies in a potted garden

This week it cooled off into the 80s so once in the evening, next week when it’s pushing 100 I’ll add a light watering in the morning.

I also use the water gauge to keep check how much moisture is in soil.

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Just planted some seeds indoors in anticipation of putting them in the ground around memorial day. I should have started a couple of weeks ago. We’ll see how it goes. If it doesn’t work out I can always buy starts like I usually do.

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Thanks homies.
Just went out there , and me and dog were too late, some rabbits or birds pillaged a few seeds lol oh well.

,Looking healthy Mutant, what’s the wooden trellis, or whatever you’d call that tripod teepee shape for, maters?

It’s for them to climb I have a tall trellis and large cages as well for climbing and to harness my volunteers.

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It fucking sucks you can get little trash can at the 99 cent store that will let in the light and keep the birds away.

One thing I’ve five will be success is painted river rocks like strawberries. The birds peck them and since they are hard they stop eating shit.

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Various starts waiting for actual spring. There’s more slobot going too. That stuff grows fast!

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Awesome, would love to see the progression!

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I put in asparagus last year in my raised beds and I let them fern out. Just 4 plants. I’ll take just a small harvest this year and then they’ll be good to harvest through the season next year. So far they taste Amazing.

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Awesomeness, I’ve always wanted to plant asparagus but I don’t have the patience to wait a couple years to grow.

Garden is going absolutely crazy even with the temps pushing 100°

I’m this raised bed I planted watermelon, cantaloupe, cucumbers and there are like 5 volunteer tomatoes, 2 peppers and eggplant.

Here are the cherry tomato plants sweet 100, yellow pear and Roma. They are going crazy too.

Peppers are going crazy I have jalapeno, Tabasco, cobra, cubanelle, Anaheim, sweet bell peppers.

Bell Peppers are huge.

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Small harvest today


Thats rad. All my plants are still small. Crazy you’re able to harvest already and we’re basically in the same climate.

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Right now is the perfect time plants that survived the winter are off and running. I have volunteer tomato plants already and producing. Unfortunately this is the last month before sun hits although we should start hitting 100 this week.

Unreal, we are 2 weeks out still.
Looks like another round of freezing rain/snow and then off to the races.

Crazy that it’s still freezing where you are we usually get 0-4 days off around 32°a year usually between Christmas and New Year. We are right now in the calm before the storm when summer hits.

We’ve been having long drawn out springs the last few years. I almost put everything out a few days ago, it was getting really nice. Then it snowed, lol.
Almanac tells me that 20th is the line this year so I am trying to respect it. It’s usually right.
It’s like this right up till final harvest too, right towards the end when things are looking great we start getting gnarly hail and you lose almost everything.
I really do need to get a green house going or turn half my basement into a 365 passive hydro system. But that isn’t close to cost effective…

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@Mountain_Medic The good news is you’ll have a luscious garden all summer long!

Today’s harvest