I'm growing fruits and veggies in a potted garden

Thats rad. All my plants are still small. Crazy you’re able to harvest already and we’re basically in the same climate.

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Right now is the perfect time plants that survived the winter are off and running. I have volunteer tomato plants already and producing. Unfortunately this is the last month before sun hits although we should start hitting 100 this week.

Unreal, we are 2 weeks out still.
Looks like another round of freezing rain/snow and then off to the races.

Crazy that it’s still freezing where you are we usually get 0-4 days off around 32°a year usually between Christmas and New Year. We are right now in the calm before the storm when summer hits.

We’ve been having long drawn out springs the last few years. I almost put everything out a few days ago, it was getting really nice. Then it snowed, lol.
Almanac tells me that 20th is the line this year so I am trying to respect it. It’s usually right.
It’s like this right up till final harvest too, right towards the end when things are looking great we start getting gnarly hail and you lose almost everything.
I really do need to get a green house going or turn half my basement into a 365 passive hydro system. But that isn’t close to cost effective…

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@Mountain_Medic The good news is you’ll have a luscious garden all summer long!

Today’s harvest


Nice! Need to transplant my maters and peppers tomorrow. Will try to get some pics of the potted garden. :tomato: :hot_pepper: :herb:

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I’m far behind. Got my seeds started and most have shown some movement. Bought a couple of 2 year old blackberries that are in the ground and should give some fruit this season late. Got a muscadine trelis up and got one vine almost to the wire and the other is about halfway. No fruit on those this year. Hopefully will have most everything in the ground by mid may. I’m on the gulf coast so we have a pretty long growing season. Anybody use calcium nitrate who grows muscadine or blackberries?

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Awesome definitely posts pics!

I find it funny that in some area are just getting seeds started and I’ll be winding down soon for summer.

Unfortunately I can’t help with berries as my only try failed miserably.

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These were all transplanted out of seed trays about a month ago. Tomorrow will be upgrading them to 3gal pots for summer.
Celebration hybrid and Red Cherry tomato, Jalapeno and Cubanelle peppers.

This is my 4 year old serrano plant, already producing! (some big ones below bucket rim)


Even though I planted early my plants didn’t seem to get big enough to produce before the sun burns them up. Maybe they’ll live and I’ll get a fall harvest. :crossed_fingers:t2:

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Maybe get a some 40% sun shades. I just started my sun shade project.

Build the cages today and ordered the shades off Amazon.

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