I'm growing fruits and veggies in a potted garden

I’m thinking about growing pot, in a fruit and veggies garden?:herb:😮‍💨


Nice job fellas!


I’ve read the SFG books. I use a lot of the methods in them but don’t strictly follow the SFG protocols. I definitely helped me lay out my planting and how much to plant.

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1st harvest
A few strawberries and peas.

2nd harvest
More strawberries and peas. Green onions and garlic scapes.

Weather has been crazy. Daytime highs 85 last week and 55 yesterday/today. Overnights have been brutal.

I’ll grab garden pics later.


Strawberries from your own garden are great
I suppose everything is a little better but especially strawberries !
Strawberry GIF

panties GIF by Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

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Bunny Eating GIF

Some animals keep getting mine.
I moved my fake eagle to scare away the birds
My cat has sadly killed all the lizards in my yard. I don’t think my turtle can get to them :thinking:

One plant still producing !

need to plant my pumpkins & watermelon :badger:

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Beautiful! Nothingness better than food from your garden. You realize how tasteless grocery store fruit and vegetables are!


Strawberries are so damn good mine in pots are done. I really need to plant them in a bed to grow. Maybe this fall I’ll do that.

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Hell Yeah man !
I wanna get my seasonal garden on too
I’ve been happy this year, last year I thought my soil might be shit !

I just need to read this book & Occasionally
Hit you up for advice

Join the Phoenix Backyard Gardening Facebook group. Helped me a lot.

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I don’t do Facebook bro, lifestyle choice has its disadvantages though.

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I don’t Facebook I just use it for gardening, bourbon and Tequila. I don’t talk to anyone on it!

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Had a few jalapeños left on the plant so I made some pickled jalapeños!


I finished planting this last weekend. I might do some basil and swiss chard seeds as undercover. Tomatoes, peppers, cucumber, collards, yellow squash.

That’s a healthy looking rhubarb that comes back each year and a strawberry bed in the back.

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Look what gypsy moth caterpillars did to my apple tree in a few days. Mother fuckers.

There’s an infestation of them here and all the local stores ran out of the spray, we had to order to get enough. Hopefully it comes tomorrow.

Fucking Jalapeños. Had a nice crop last year, and the dog ate them all.

Start them already started from a local greenhouse. Transplanted them and they’re seeing water everyday as per usual. These ones are dead already. Supposed to water them once a week according to online reviews. Hard for me cause I’m trying to water my lawn and the sprinkler is hitting the jalapeños. The tomatoes and onions are loving it, but the jalapeños not so much. Fucking dead after a week. Might have to switch to a spray nozzle attachment for the lawn when I’m near the jalapeños. Which is just a giant pain in the ass. Would rather have a healthy lawn and buy jalapeños for homemade salsa, than switch from sprinkler to a spray nozzle every night because my stupid fucking Mexican hot peppers don’t like getting hit with residual water from watering the lawn.

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Well Done Sir

Try one of these and when the soil is dry it’s time to water.


Transplanted one of each kind and threw them in a shaded alcove outside to see what happens. It’s pretty late, haha.