I'm hosting ACF show on Comcast SportsNet!!

Contract signed! I'm happy and pleased to announce that I'm hosting American Cage Fighter on Comcast SportsNet California! Nate Quarry is my co-host. =)

A few years ago I used to do this for free and online, because I loved doing it. Now I'm given an opportunity to do it on cable television! I'm counting my blessings and I thank everyone that's been supporting me since MMA with Yac & J on proelite.com, Fight Chix, NAMMAE, IMMAE, TFIOF, & Gympass with Miss Rara...

But I especially want to thank you, UG! This place works magical wonders, and it all started when I was asked to become a member of this forum because of this thread wow. Hot HOT lurker. (pics). Then came me promoting NAMMAE/IMMAE/Fight Chix, and this thread I'm nominating Miss Rara for...

We had so many good times on MMA with Yac & J...

Reggie Warren even hunted for me on Spike.com...

Reggie Hunts Miss Rara | UFC | SPIKE.com

BJ Penn even gave me a tour of his RVCA training center...

Now I get to do something that I love to do with 'Big Money', as Mark Cuban would say.

Show premieres in November. I will definitely keep you posted, but I'm sorry... for now only Chris and Kirik can have my autograph ;)

♥ Tamara

 congratulations Tamara.  Very happy for you.

Keep us posted for when it airs.

TTT for Filipina Firecrackers

nice one, congrats!

that image of BJ in the last vid is very creepy. he looks like a bald headed version of Kyle Maynard.

but anyway, congrats RARA

Thanks guys!! :) Phone Post

 Congrats!  BTW that little red number you wore in that video was AMAZING!

 Congrats Rara!

 Congratulations RARA!!

Keep us updated..I'll be watchin'.