I'm in a bad bad mood.

Ignore this if you'd like, but I gotta let it out.

To start things off, I had to shave my beard on Monday. Great way to start the week, right? Fuck no. I hate not having a beard. I haven't been clean shaven in two years. I feel naked. My chin is cold. Everyone at work has some snarky comment when they come to my desk... Which brings me to my next complaint.

Everyone and their brother has decided that today is the day they have a problem. "Uhh umm my importer's paperwork doesn't match what's in the system. What do I do?" You fuck right the fuck off. That's what you do. You follow the same SOP we've had since you started working here two years ago and you leave me the fuck alone.

My boss is working nights this week, and he's sending me dumb fucking emails asking me to do his job. His job on the AM shift mostly consists of Facebook and yahoo news, but that isn't what his emails are about, strangely.

If everything goes according to plan, I'll be out of here and working full time as a firefighter by January. You would think that would make me go, "only a few more months, hang in there." But instead I'm chomping at the bit and everything is frustrating me even more.


Thanks OG Phone Post 3.0

Phone Post

TryhardNobody - Set the building on fire and put it out yourself. Both problems solved

You, sir, are a breath of fresh air in this dank dungeon we call the OG.

I love this guy.

Probably so far into the red that it doesn't matter, but here's a vote up anyway.

Why'd you "have" to shave your beard? Phone Post 3.0

rockemsockem - Why'd you "have" to shave your beard? Phone Post 3.0
Firefighter recruit class. You have to be clean shaven to make sure the SCBA forms an airtight seal around your face Phone Post 3.0