I'm in a good mood...

With all the unhappy posts I've been reading here lately, I was tempted to share my opinion. Then I thought for a minute, and decided not to be an idiot. So instead i'm just coming on here to tell everyone that...

1)Nobody has screwed me over recently

2)Nobody currently owes me any money

3)While life isn't perfect, everything is pretty much ok...

That's all, hope everyone has a pleasant day.

Oh yeay, tomorrow is Saturday, and I'll be going to Wendy's.


Big Classic Double with cheese is my favourite.

stop poluting this forum with your controversy!

The problem isn't that you go to Wendys, it's what you do to Wendy while you are there that worries me.







Which Wendy's? What time?

does your Wendy's have that new STEAKHOUSE DOUBLE MELT burger. OMG!!! I was told next week in edmonton

wendy's is all about the triple combo with cheese biggie sized with coke and a side of mayo for the fries

yea, side of Mayo is really the thing that makes that meal great! i still gotta try that new burger the steakhouse double melt. joe if you try it, we need a review.

I'm in Utah right now and there's one a half mile down the road. I like the Big Bacon Classic, with the bacon and cheese baked potato. Coke or lemonade to finish the deal off. Mmm... Yeah baby!!

Joe, meet me half way in Vegas next week. We'll kill some hookers and eat Big Bacon Classics! 


What's next for you? Are you in Utah training for an upcoming fight?

Fighting in Colosseum Five, May 25 in Winnipeg. Training here for two weeks just to work with some different partners for a bit. Will finish the last two weeks of training in Winnipeg.

Joe, will you be getting multiple wives?

Cool Joe. If you pass through the Okanagan again make sure to stop by and train.

Joe sorry I'm gonna miss your fight. I'll be thinkin of ya while I'm grappling outside the pub in Belfast.

Get the triple!!!

David, I'm hoping to come out West sometime in July or August. Some training will be done, but the main purpose of the trip will be to visit friends and do a tiny little bit of drinking...


I know someone who is looking for MMA instruction in Winnipeg. Joe can I have your email.