I'm in a good mood...

You got mail

Joe, when are you coming to teach class?

I've been waiting a while.

Your friend - Dougie


Make sure you call us. We can take care of your training AND drinking needs. :)

...Joe adds Kelowna to his list of places to get drunk off his ass this summer...

Oh yah. Well how bout my parents basement muthaf&@*a.

I challenge Joe to a race up Grouse Mountain via the Grouse Grind trail. He must carry a 24-pack of beer and drink them at equal intervals up the mountain.

Also, I will get a 20-minute head start.

Also also, he will be continually attacked by koala bears wearing rocket-powered jet packs.

That's ridiculous.

Rocket power? I mean come on, that won't exist for another 30 years

wombat, the last time we did the Grouse, I was afraid for YOUR life... I swear, you almost rolled down the mountain!

Now you want to challenge me to a race? Dude, I'm in better shape now than I was back then... You're going DOWN, sucka!!

Loser buys fatburgers.

It's on, Biyatch!!

i have 3 infant koalas that i'll be putting up on ebay tomorrow.

word of caution, when training them to use the rocket powered backpacks, i highly recommend that you housebreak them first.

Nein! It is a well knoen fact that the koala bear is the natural minion of wombats! Theirs is a lasting servitude that cannot be broken, lest it disturb the natural order of things!

what was your time on the grind dirty?