Im in China

Ill be in China for a whole week for the China fit convention. Ill be working the international athletic association both and doing a few demonstrations. This is a great experience and Im psyched to be here.

ttt for a half asain perkdog progeny

I thought the thread title was the porn with the she-male, Chyna from WWF.

Alas, I am disappointed that its only our friend Gabe in the Communist Nation of China.


Sounds cool.



Yeah, we have all this freedom and crap. And indoor plumbing. sux 2 b heer.

dont eat the carry out

Yeah I thought it was going to be moved to the TapOut forum too... but no porn here.

GODZILLA in China. If it's like any of his other demonstrations then he's going to kick the shit out of a bunch of little dudes.

Good luck, and bring me back a tshirt.

GODZILLA... hows the Chineese women? Having a good time?

now don't go make some Chineese babies

What up Gabe are you picking up the language. Have fun and hit me up when you get back.....

The Wildman

watch they dont put you to work in one of their sweatshops.

Whats up everyone?! Today was crazy! I got in a serious fight with the Chinese San Da light heavy weight champion(at least that what he said he was). He came to booth that I was working at and was trying to get anyone who was standing around to compete against him at something. Armwrestling(he said he was the champ of that as well), Lifitng, whatever. He apprached me and said he wanted to do touch sparring. I had a translator and she told me that was exactly ehat he said. As soon as we started I threw a shadow right hand at his face and he throws a kick as hard as he can at my face.

I lost it. I took him down, elbowed him in the face and then armlocked him until someone pulled me off. we both got up and I said we needed to do it one more time since I wasnt aware how "light" we were going. I threw a flying elbow at his face and got him in the thai clinch and landed a ton of knees. I then picked him up and slammed him. everyone broke it up and it was kind of a big deal becasue Alot of media was present. Apparently this guy was trying to get some exposure and decided that this was the best way.

wildman, Ill hit you up whenI get back.

Comish, Superbetiis, no chinese babies for me!

haha that's awesome.

P.S. the chinese mafia will kill you in your sleep tonight.

lol @ light sparing. did they arrest the guy?


What kind of stupid fucktard would challenge GODZILLA?

Dumbass communists.

Are there Turkish cab drivers in China?

Ask them if they know Matt Furey, international superstar and Chinese
Grand Dragon Super National 12 Degree Dan, fighting instructor and
undefeated champion.