Im in China

What city are you in?

do they have san shou on tv, how popular is it or other martial arts?

Luscious Larry and Spox are right.

Dissent is unacceptable. This is America after all.

Don't you know we are about freedom and free exchange of ideas, here?

Get with the program, and fall in line, or get the fuck out.

My guess is he would be in Beijing or Guangzho....the "fake" Chinese cities.

Dont try to give your bible away....he he....

Sounds MMA will get big in China the same way it got big in Japan. What a bad idea. Anyways, it sounds like you will be us Chinese peep's version of Rickson Gracie (with that guy being Yoji Anjoh). Now all you need are family members who can fight and good friends/cousins who would accept your surname and join your family (no disprect to the Gracies, just playin). Be weary of attacks while giving seminars in the Western half of the European Union though.

Im in Beijing. The CEO of the IAA came up to the booth and started freaking out about the possibilty of the mafia coming, but found out who the guy was connected with and straightened everything out. Pretty crazy.

GODZILLA is 400-0 over in China.

Musashi why exactly does that make me an ass?

Shiloh, even you would be tall here.

Ill post pics when I get back.

When's GODZILLA getting back?

Did you eat fried dog yet?

thats crazy man, I hope the rest of your trip is good

Comish, Im back. Got in last night.

Kung_Pow, I went to a Korean restraunt that had dog on the menu, but i didnt order it. Im sure I ate dog, but I just dont know about it.

Musashi, I actually see your point and in retrospect I should have not even "light sparred" with him. He was the one that intiated a true fight by kicking me in my face as hard as possible. Live and learn

"Seriously. Who the fuck does that in a communist totalitarian dictatorship nation? "

apparently godzilla does

wbj, give me a call

What the hell was he suppose to do, let the guy kick him in the face and smile?


universl is correct

Takes a big man to go pick on midget communists.

Godzilla is a big man.

the rev

Ill have you know he was the Light heavy weight champion of San Da...which means that he is well over 120lbs! I know it was the wrong country, but godzilla must unleash the radioctive pain where ever he is Posted!!

Maybe he kicked you in the head because you're such a classy guy.