I'm in DMV area. Which hood is gangster

My white ass needs to stomp on some officicial streets. Where shouldn’t I go?

Go to window #3, that bitch has a stank ass pussy and is clearly the most gangster


Get in the wrong line then demand they put you to the head of the correct one

Worst drivers out here for sure. VA can rival MA for the shittiest drivers in US

DMV=dc/maryland/va funny men. I don’t think I want to go explore anymore, there a barely any bitches out here and my flight is in few hours. Missed opportunities

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I see it going similar to this.
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Don’t go to Wilmington, DE.

Anywhere in SE DC

Check out Baltimore! Lovely city.

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Go to the museums. Lol. Live another day!

I needed specifics. Xs & Os. I’m not outside any longer. Waiting for my flight to get canceled. I’ll be back. If anyone can come up with specifics I’d like to check out a hood that I haven’t been to yet

Strawbridge Square in the Lincolnia area of Alexandria is where I grew up and it was top dog gangster neighborhood of the 80s and into early 90s. We had a lot of DC people that came to hang out, including some of the true legends of the murder capital era. All of the great Go-Go bands played shows at our rec center. It was a very interesting time growing up there, particularly being one of a handful of white families haha. They did a lot of kicking people out and replacing them with filthy immigrants though in the mid-90s and beyond, then did a facelift of sorts a decade ago. Try it out though if you want to see a once great bastion of gangsterism. The stairwell going to the rec center definitely still smells like our piss.


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Is this with a park in the end? I was there today I think. It’s nice. Didn’t seem like a hood at all

If you’re referring to my post…yeah Lincolnia Park, the big park up top of the hill. It definitely isn’t what it used to be. The basketball court would have a hundred motherfuckers at it all the time and the big field would be packed with hundreds of folks with questionable citizenship either playing soccer, drinking heavily or smoking great weed for that time hahaha.


Anacostia, by Frederick Douglas Historic Site has some shady areas.