I'm in love!!!!! (pic)

Moluccan Python (Scrub)I'm looking into some captive bread and born

Oh wow! What a beautiful animal!! How big does that baby get to?

I hear that they can grow up to 13ft long.

49 feet i tell ya!

Scrubs can be big. And I hear that they are "Nippy" as well (with the size their heads get that ain't pleasant).

I'm pretty sure that they have the capabilty of up to 20ft (extreme case of course). Actually, one of my texts states that it can reach 850cm (27ft). Boy, you'd need a big enclosure for one of those...


There is no doubt about it, that is a badass snake.

I have looked into them some more and for 20 footers is ussually a case apart. The majority of Southern Scrubs are about 8 to 12. As babies they are "nippy" but more calm as adults and proper handling.

Holy crap! That thing at 20 feet?! Crazy I tell ya!

beautiful. Keep us posted.

I have a Barr tank as well.

12ft is still one hell of snake. IMO, Anything over around 7-8ft you don't want to ever handle alone.


LOL @ Trust!!!!

Oh yeah? Well it turned me into a newt.

"I was once eaten alive by a 49 foot Mollucan python."

Yeah, gotta watch out for the 49 footers!

Pfft, I fought off a 50 footer once and ate him before he ate me.


What's a 50 footer taste like Elvis?




waits for "chicken"

Pork actually, the other white meat! :p