I'm in love with Karyn Bryant

I didn't choose it. It just happened.

I'd bang, bro


Would bone 

OP is a fag

i wont cock block

This thread happens often, and I always support it

You have to get through rampage first

DisIsDeRiddumOfDeNite - OP is a fag

Let me guess. You're extremely intelligent.

She looks good, for 48 gotdamn years old. How old are u, OP? That’s the only way I can determine if your love is justified. 

Way older


wouldnt smash

I'm with you OP

front and back curves!

WattMell - Looks like a skull with a wig..

She actually does. And now that I read her interview saying she found Rampage's moronic middle school humor funny, I fell out of love and landed in the contempt zone.

Ariana Aimes if you want a similar vibe

She could sit on my face any day.