I'm in love with the Sapp/Alvarez scale.

Sure it's a bit of a novelty, but I am finding it impossible to not apply some of my favorite all time fighters to the scale. Very creative, cheers to you Robin for the wicked presentation and subsequent scale! Phone Post 3.0

dhughes - This sounds interesting...so, what are we talking about here?

Behold: Black's Sapp/Alvarez Scale

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I'm going to post the scale when I get home with a few placements of my own. Think I will put wand, mirko, machida, and some of the older guys on it. Phone Post 3.0

4l8r Phone Post 3.0

I like it Phone Post 3.0

Someone should come up with a KKM/Supercalo troll scale for the UG Phone Post 3.0

danggook - Someone should come up with a KKM/Supercalo troll scale for the UG Phone Post 3.0
You just did lol! Draw up a template and post it, I'm sure you'd get responses. Phone Post 3.0

Awesome work from Robin Black, this is not a gimmick and similar theory has been applied to all sorts of scales previously. The best ideas are those which seem obvious in retrospect, like this one. Completely unsurprising that GSP is the perfect balance, I doubt we'll see a more complete fighter and champion in the next 20 years.

can't wait for Sapp to respond and try and explain why it shouldn't have him as the extreme left.

Lol , Black anticipated that and used a perfect quote summarizing Sapps mma mentality. Phone Post 3.0

I'd like to see the ufc p4p list put on there.

Anderson was a high risk guy especially when he thought the fight was boring. Drop hands start taunting dodging punches, he usually was able to turn those type of situations into jaw dropping kos. Phone Post 3.0