I'm in SAN FRANCISCO this Sat & EddieBravoRadio #7

I'm teaching a seminar at 10th Planet San Francisco this Saturday from 12-3, then 10th Planet Omaha the next weekend then it's off to the UK for a week of seminars. Go to the NIBIRU forum at 10thplanetjj.com for more info, thank you! :)


This is the latest episode of my podcast, it's over 4 hours long so if you need to kill mad time at work or in traffic it's perfect, thank you for the support! :)


Not seeing any info on the forum Eddie. Just your twitter feed announcing it on the 10th planet website. Phone Post

how much?


Jesus, 4 hours! Do you break for meals?


I will make this my first listen of an Eddie podcast

Nope, no breaks for meals, just pee breaks :)