I'm like Miss Cleo or something ..

From: Arias Garcia Jr.
Date: 04/19/04 11:14 PM
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Doesnt matter the LAUGHS errr I mean the leafs will lose anyway.....



From: JHR
Date: 04/19/04 11:17 PM
Member Since: 07/09/2002
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They could very well lose...

But my money is on Ottawa losing 4-1


How's THAT for a prediction Arias ???


Boo ya !

DREAM DO COME TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHA! JHR emailed me the score today

Crazyhook, isn't that freaking strange ???


Miss Cleo you are not....

JHR referring to the FLyer/Devil series...

"Sorry crazyhook... Devils have Marty B between the pipes...."Nuff Said."

JHR = crazy strange ethnic lady?

JHR I will send you a box of coffee to stay up for the whole series, no more dreaming for you pal!

Crazyhook, I told alot of people at my office yesterday of that dream I had...

People are constantly coming up to me today saying Im some sort of freak or something...

Not that I can argue....



JHR if you have another dream let me know and I will drop a few bucks on the dream