I'm not bashing the new layout but I'm finding it hard to use

New layout. Difficult to navigate


My grandma also had a tough time migrating from pencil to the typewriter and then to the word processor. Now she just talks about them computers, the internets, and the googles being tools of wizards.


the old one u can see all the threads to the side when u post whcih made it great


Sorry. It sucks. I was dreading the day they’d do it but knew they would eventually. Once they did the funny nba/dick logo, it was only a matter of time. In fact, I always thought they were awesome to leave it like it was for so many years. It’s like they knew they had something great and wouldn’t fuck it up. Never heard any threads or peeps complaining to “modernize” it. BUT…they had to do it. There ya go silent majority. I said it. Go ahead and attack at will stooges.


But credit where the credit’s due: the dick logo is quite fitting

Damned if you do
Damned if you dont
Im trying hard to Love it , again


Love the new design takes some getting used to but the colour scheme is way easier on the eyes.

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This all day

My threads don’t load properly on my iPhone. Very jumpy. Scrolling created lots of blank spaces, jumpy image loads. Screen jumping all over the place. I have not had one smooth experience loading a single thread. And the ones with lots of images are total nightmares. I’m close to severely limiting my time here which sucks but the experience simply scrolling through threads is exhausting and frustrating.


You are a blue, email or @ Chris and he can get you set up and it’ll take care of your issues m.

Uninstall old app. Go to App Store. Search for mixedmartialarts. Then install that.

Yeah. I agree.

I don’t understand, he can fix the forum just for me?

Also there’s no curser when I type which sucks too.

Chris said the issues stems from ads… Pro members don’t have ads.

There’s a learning curve to it, because it is so robust. Give it a week or so. It’s insanely much better. Ultra fast loading time. Not buggy. Ton of new features.

And, yah, it’s different. But it’s better. Just give it time.


Agreed. Initially it was uncomfortable because it’s new. But now that I’ve been playing around with it I like it much better.

Gosh darn it, we will prove that one CAN teach old dogs new tricks!

…yeah, every day i seem to learn something new using teh bran new, high tech OG…and then I feel kinda retarded that I didn’t already know how…it really does seem to be more functional so far.

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Just got the app to come up in its new version… like others have said I wish you could see who started the threads

yea R.I.P. frames - I thought the iframe tag with some CSS is still w3c compliant, but I guess that would take some elbow grease, tho

You saved your first post in 10 years for this? Holy Lurking Champ