I'm not gonna drink tonight.

After a week of not drinking I fucked up on Saturday night and fell right back into my old habits. Last night I was going to test myself and see if I could drink just one forty. I failed miserably. After the first 40 I drove back to the store for another one and got a cigar as well. (drinking and smoking go hand in hand)

Later on I went back to the store again for a 24 oz. I can't explain the feeling of anger and failure that I woke up to this morning. I really can't, I was sad and furious at the same time. I think I need to go to AA or some other group. Either way though, I'm not gonna drink tonight. I need to formulate an approach to accomplishing my goals. I'm tired of doing well and then having to start all over cause of a momentary lapse in will power.

End of rant.

So no more drunken posting on this forum?

I've posted some silly shit on this forum while not drunk, now it'll just make a little more sense, mabye. :)

pours out a splash of OE for Floppy

Nothing good comes from drinking and driving. And I can tell you that first hand.

And AA suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucks, but you'll feel like less of a drunk when you meet those fuckers.

Yeah, I'm gonna look into a group.

You drunk!!..Now go get help..Don't want to see my Sac Biach get killed!..lol

Kano is correct!!

Fuckin quitter!

It's christmas, you should be boozin it up :) I actually just hit the one year mark (nov. 15) of no boozin. I feel a million times better but the cravings do get pretty crazy on occasion. It's tough to kick, but you can do eeeeeeeet

Pours 40oz on my homie Floppy

That's fucking awesome man.

lol, well I'm really not drinking tonight.