I'm on ESPN's WSOP Poker Show 8/28

For those that want to watch, I'll be on ESPN's WSOP Main Event poker TV
show this Tuesday night 8/28... ESPN called me to tell me to watch as
they claim they are giving me some additional coverage on the show.

This is from the Main Event I flew into the day after UFC 73... only had 3+
hours of sleep but had a blast since they put me at the televised table
along with Chris Moneymaker... we'll see what hands they cover.


Bruce Buffer

Again, thanks for posting here. Good to see you again last weekend

awesome bruce.

did you make any bad plays that you'd like to talk about before we watch?

Sweet, Bruce. Very cool.


And Bruce, I have to tell you, I walk all the time yelling out things in your voice i.e. "thee-EE, IIIIICEmahnnnn!"


loved the talking to moneymaker.

"feels good to take down the champ"

classy exit!

Bruce, how long did you sit at the tv table?

I don't feel I made any bad plays other than maybe I should of called
Chris's 1,100 chip bet when he had the Jacks and I flopped QQ's w/Ace
kicker... I should of roped him in to the turn and made him feel best
hand, especially since 44 hit the flop also.

I definitely feel good about laying down 2 paired w/QQ's to Chris when
he runner runnered a set of 5's on me... I got good reads off the

I wish they would of shown the hand where I layed down pocket Q's to
pocket A's after vesting around 7,000 chips in the 1st 45 mins. of the

I lasted around 7 hours and had a blast bantering with Chris.

Full Tilt has signed me on as a "Red Labeled Pro Player" as is Mike
Swick and Matt Hughes on their site and I will set up a 1/2 NL table for
people to play at... my name there is, of course, Bruce Buffer... come
and play with me there or at www.RumblePoker.com



I've been downloading the HD versions this year and they're great.

Good job Bruce, I felt for you when you held the King high flush. Tough way to exit when your holding the 2nd nuts.

Bruce, jeez man, learn to make a laydown. JK. Good luck in the future. The tourney I played after saying hello to you last week, I busted on the bubble. My fuck fuck fuckity fuck was not well-received. 1 guy yelled to penalize me, how they would do that without me having chips I never did figure out.