I'm on steroids!

It seems to be the in thing now.

shootin' up the estrogen again, eh Abe!?

Swamprocker knows me well.

What a disgrace! Don't you know those are illegal? Do your friends and family know about this? ...oooOOOooOoOooo..... You better not get into any arm wrestling contests, that would be ammoral and dishonest!!

I'm typing through tears here. You know you're going to die in a matter of months now, right?

"You should consult Roids Gracie on the correct diet to follow while on your "program"."

Does anyone know which steroids combine with which foods on the Gracie Diet?

lol the gracies havnt even followed the gracie diet for years now

'Hah, my mother suggested that when I was in highschool during my "Hump Everything" Phase '

Wow, that just don't sound right. did you dad know about this?

Am I in good company?!?

All of you sound like you're on steroids!

YOu MOTHER FUCKER...how dare you say I'm on roids...I will stomp a mud hole in your ass you fucking bastard...cock suckaaaamaotherfucker...I just want to rip things apart!!!


i use test to control the size of elephantitis nuts.

I want a girlfriend with a moonface.

Maybe we can have moonface kids.

"Hump Everything Phase"

I have not yet left my HEP. Maybe that is why I like to train so much... Hummm

I don't use steroids and look at me.


Thanks in advance bluenamers.