Im Out Of Here

But I will be back. Heading out to Brazil for a couple of weeks. I going to look up Oscar Schmidt and challenge him to a game. He has got to be in his 50's now so I should be able to take hime, lol. Hell most of you youngsters probably don't even know him, damn Im old

Be good guys

Hey bro, have a great time in Brazil!!! and be safe!!

Oscar was the man. I remember watching him torch the US for about 40 in an international game in the late 80's (World Championships maybe??). Turnaround jumpers from 25 feet, just sick stuff like that.

How come he never tried to play in the league?

Thanks Floppy

"How come he never tried to play in the league?"

Cousin Eddie - I think during his time foreign players were less interested in coming to the US. I believe he did play in Europe for a few years. He was the man in Brazil and was treated very well so I don't think he really had much interest in playing in the NBA. No doubt he easily could have. He was a 6'5" scoring machine and could flat out shoot the lights out. He i certainly in the top 5 international players of all time. Im speaking in international play because obviously he never played in the NBA. He was incredible to watch. He is right below Pele I heard for national sports hero

Have a great time!

have fun man

watch out for trannies, jk

I remember reading that story a long time ago, and beings that it was the Nets, seemed pretty believeable.

I also thought he was taller than 6'5"

have fun

whats up fuckers, Im still in Brazil, in rio right now. GREAT FUCKING PLKACE although I liked \Salvador better. Also learned Schmit is still vgery popular right behind Pele and Rinaldo.

So I hear the lakers are kicking ass right now. Fuck Phil though :)

Take care guys and I will be back in about a week

fuckin Kings :(

Son of a bitch, if you're in Brazil we need ass pics. Dammit


I think Oscar is the all time leader scorer in Olympic

Im back and fuck hoops. I did play some ball there though but nothing to serious

lol, Brian if I had played pro ball in Brazil I would have never left