i'm picking up a super turbo cabinet friday :)




All for $375.00. Monitor looks a bit blurry but I'll have that replaced later, I can't wait.


 That's a nice little pink kids bike.  For sale?

Nice! How much did it cost and where are you getting it? Off of ebay?

"That's a nice little pink kids bike. For sale?"

Those things are a death trap. I'd avoid at all costs.


wow this one looks alot sweeter


That one does look sweet.

Did you get it?

I'm supposed to go today to pick it up, hopefully it all worksout

Wow so happy picked it up today, but i need to invest some money into it to get it to my liking. Has the champion edition graphics on the joystick layout, not sure where i can replace or find that but hopefully I will. The monitor is decent, except for that line on the side, will have to get that replaced asap. I'll buy able to purchase an alpha 3 cart and just plug it in right?since they both run on the cps2 correct? The joystick on the left is really really stiff, the one on the right is perfect, all of the buttons work great they're convex instead of concave.

Was thinking about using this image as side art for the cab


Pics I took in my garage



Pretty happy with my purchase, except for the monitor. Also it is the US version so the difficulty is extremely hard oh well I might just replace it with a japanese version.