I'm Pregnant it's yours and I'm keeping it

Back after a few years. Had some pretty atomic bomb level news dropped on me Saturday via text. I’m pregnant, it’s yours and I’m keeping it. Was with her Oct 8th and she’s already pregnant. I know it’s mine. Absolutely terrified. Shock, shivering, trembling, in denial. This can’t possibly happen. Zero discussion about not keeping it. Seems like a terrible time for both of us. She’s almost 36 and wants kids, she had a miscarriage years ago. I fucked up I know and it’s my fault so let’s get that out of the way. Trying not to panic until the ultrasound which I think is at 8-10 weeks. The only thoughts in my head are dirtbag ones like I can’t possibly be a father, I’ll just pay the money and forget it. Hard to wrap my head around being a parent at all. I’m 31.

Is it all over for me? Poisoning my mind reading shit all over the internet. Chances of miscarriage, what it’s actually going to entail. I’m only 2 days post-news so I’m super traumatized.

Give it to me straight boys. To think I almost booked a trip to Europe a month ago and avoided this entire catastrophe.

RIP my life


Edit. That wasn’t cool.

. Dm me if you wanna talk.


And people make fun of me for never getting laid

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You haven’t really laid out any negatives, just your fears

May never get another chance FYI

Breathe deep and take your time thinking thru it

Then Breathe deep again

Rinse Repeat


No. It’s finally just starting.

A couple years from now you won’t remember life before the kid.


This is an opportunity for you to be the kind of man you no doubt believe you are.


op, you are gonna be dad. do you have your shit together? I mean, do you at least take care of yourself pretty well?


Don"t be a piece of shit.


I second the paternity test before you do anything.

If the paternity test comes back and it’s your’s get a lawyer

At that point you’re obligated to do whatever the law says, and I have no idea what that is because I’m just the resident Reddit shill/undercover FBI agent

Morally? That ain’t for me to tell you. You gotta figure that out yourself


You had sex with her on October 8, and she texted you exactly 14 days later that she’s pregnant? She is full of shit. She doesn’t know she’s pregnant yet, but if she’s not then she will keep having sex with you until she’s pregnant.

She wants kids, she used you to get pregnant which was her plan the entire time, and she has manipulated you from the start.


And this is why you don’t raw dog her


No, STDs is why you don’t raw dog her.

Pregnancy is why you don’t give her your real phone number.

Good luck OP


So condoms can perform multiple functions … you not getting the clap or worse, her not getting pregnant

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Best of luck to you. Children need fathers, hope you can meet the requirements. You’re a lucky man and you don’t even know it.




Hold on now my OG brotha. I loooooove my kids. So I fully get your point. But if I had a kid from a random hookup, I would likely wouldn’t be so thrilled. I’d likely deny it and have conscious pains all my life. Some women we hookup with are not mother material, and not GF material either.

It’s truly awful to write, if she has another miscarriage it’s probably best.

Edit: if you don’t plan on running away, indeed get a PATERNITY TEST!!!


And people think I’m only here to entrap the stupid

I hear ya. And you can spend a day or two or 10 thinking that. But eventually you would put on your big boy pants and take care of business. We’re men and we take responsibility for our actions.

I don’t think it’s clear OP and mom can’t couple up is it?


Don’t knock up the cougars!


It is lacking in details.

I have been banging a neighbor for a few weeks, and if she got pregnant I’d shit myself. She is very nice as a person, and we have porn quality sex, but she is a smoker, never exercices, in fact… barely leaves her house! She invented herself into a “major social anxiety” persona so she get max welfare and never works, don’t plan to, watches TV all day. Yet she seems VERY normal to me and could do a lot more with her life. But anyway, having a kid with her? Damn.