Im quitting chew AMA

So heres the deal:

Im 31 years old and have chewed for about 10 years. I originally chewed Copenhagen Snuff until I tried to quit. That lasted a month and I was right back where I started except for whatever reason i started chewing Copenhagen Longcut (regular not straight).

My teeth/mouth are fine. I brush regularly and sometimes do the peroxide mixed with baking soda (nasty).

My sisters ex-husband has chewed longer than me and recently had to go in for surgery after finding a "spot" in his mouth. It was a gnarly surgery and after two months hes still in the hospital and we are not sure if he will make it.

I NEED TO QUIT and I have made it my "new years resolution" to do so.

Ive got less than half a can left and after that im done (or at midnight, which ever comes first). I will periodically post updates on how this goes for me along with tips that I will be doing to help with the addiction.

I hope others will post here with their experiences that could help myself and others trying to kick a bad habit like this as well!

Please excuse my bad format OG, I use the mobile app to post here and its a pain in the ass without landscape view!

So what say OG? Can I TapouT the Copenhagen? Phone Post 3.0

Why the fuck did you start? Phone Post 3.0

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You know it's a bad habit when smoking might be the healthier alternative.

jessethekid - Why the fuck did you start? Phone Post 3.0
Came to say this. Tobacco is fucking disgusting man. I've smoked cigarettes before and its just nasty. I don't think I could ever develop an addiction to it.

Either way I hope you get off it, its a useless drug and wed all much rather you stay alive longer Phone Post

Dang sorry to hear about your sisters ex husband. Hope you can kick the habit. I'll never be able to Phone Post 3.0

I'm stopping tooooo time to grow up don't need it as I have one in Phone Post 3.0

Chomas - I quit a week ago because I got infected salivary glands, it concerned me even though the doctor said it was probably not related to dipping (snus in my case) so I quit cold turkey. It has been very difficult but I did buy nicotine gum which has been my saving grace. I would use that first then wean off it, that's what I'm doing. The nicotine cravings will be too hard to deal with if u don't. GL man! Phone Post 3.0
Been using snus for a little over one year. This shit is supper addictive. Have one in right now...I need to quit. Phone Post 3.0

Good luck man you can do it! Phone Post 3.0

The hard part is having a routine without it.

First thing I do when I wake up is pop a chaw.

I'm a grumpy dude without it. Phone Post 3.0

Good luck man you can do it! Phone Post 3.0

Cletus Redpecker III - The hard part is having a routine without it.

First thing I do when I wake up is pop a chaw.

I'm a grumpy dude without it. Phone Post 3.0

Use marijuana, it's far more healthy. Especially if vaporized. will take the edge off of just about any withdraw/come down.

Good luck man. Phone Post 3.0

I'm with you on this, started when I was 18 dipping kodak wintergreen. I quit one time before for a year then picked it back up. Im 32 now and plan to kick it as well for the New Years. Good luck to you OP. Phone Post 3.0

Do you have diverticulitis? Phone Post 3.0

Good luck, bro. Phone Post 3.0

NORCAL707 - Fun (nasty) Fact:

I am to the point where I can be sitting on the couch watching a movie and even though I will have a spit bottle in my hand I will find myself swallowing it instead of spitting.

I can actually go really long periods of time without spitting if I try. Phone Post 3.0
I've been chewing for 25 years. Haven't spit in probably 15.
Sure Ill probably get mouth or stomach cancer, but I might get hit by a bus tomorrow too.
FYI, my grandpa chewed from age 12 until death from a heart attack at age 87 (outopsy said no cancer anywhere) so everyone is different. Phone Post 3.0

Try an Ecig.. It works pretty well and it doesn't fuck up your lungs

Listen dude...go to
Sign up, shut up, and do what they say. You will get quit and stay quit. It's not a site for pussies, and caving is not an option.

After you sign up, print out the contract to give up, and keep it in your wallet. If you get serious about caving, call a quit brother and see what they say, if you still are insistent on caving, read the contract and see if you are stupid enough to sign it...

I give up my quit. Quitting is impossible and I cannot do it. I love dipping more than I love myself. I care about dipping more than I care about my personal health. I love dipping more than I love my family. I know this addiction will kill me, and I ACCEPT that fact. I enjoy spending time alone with my can more than I enjoy spending time with anyone else on the planet. I look forward to losing my jaw, my tongue, my throat, my life – it’s worth it. When I am lying in my hospital bed fighting a losing battle against cancer I will feel a sense of satisfaction knowing that this is the path I CHOSE. My only regret will be that I didn’t start dipping earlier in life. I will feel sorrow for my family’s heartbreak and suffer untold pain, but I know you must sacrifice for the things you truly love.

I know ALL the consequences of my actions and I accept them fully and without regret. I hereby choose to give my life to this addiction – I do so with a smile on face.

Signature: _________________
Date: _

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Bro I'm here for ya. I quit about a month ago. I promised my wife is stop as soon as she got a week into her quitting cigs. It's been rough & I still have cravings. Best thing is get those lifesavers wintergreen mints!! Big pun intended. Phone Post 3.0

NORCAL707 - 
FETT_Loadin76 -

Try an Ecig.. It works pretty well and it doesn't fuck up your lungs

I cant do any smoking of any kind :( Phone Post 3.0

Ah that sux.



I'm a Cope / Grizzly kinda guy myself