I'm really impressed with Lyoto

His English is really coming along, that's quite the feat considering he knew very little before.

Oh he also knocked the fuck out of Rashad but that was going to happen anyway.;


Very nice!


Oh wow I mean I didnt just want Rashad to lose.... I wanted him to get KTFO.... but damn that pic of him looks really bad man, I didnt expect it to have look that bad.

He seems like a nice humble person outside the cage but during some prefight interviews and def in the cage he becomes an overly arrogant douche.

Looking at that picture, one eye you can see the pupil, the other is white, wtf? Is the the white a reflection of lighting? Your eyes can't go in different directions, can they?

I have no problem giving the maddest props to Lyoto.

VERY impressed by Lyoto! He is nothing short of a new pinnacle in the development of MMA. He is just such a perfect blend of different technique, excellent strategy, athleticism, and unique style.