Im scamming an Indian Phone Scammer

So ive been getting calls from hindu bobby and his friends for about a year. I usually just insult them and they insult back etc. Then me and a friend of mine got an idea.

When my friend got these calls, he played along and agreed to give them whatever they wanted. Then he told them that he was already dealing with me, “KEVIN”. They told him not to trust me and that I was the scammer. lol

So I called them in an indian accent and told them to lay off my customer and not scare him away and I would pay them $5000 to not screw up my $20,000 deal.

Ive gotten an address and phone number from one of these idiots and he thinks my buddy is sending $5000 in giftcards to some indian shithole that he lives in.

how far should I go with this?
What else do I do?
I didnt think these morons would be this stupid but wow…

this rabbit hole goes deep, when do I crawl out and how?


Send a box full of baby powder and tell them it’s anthrax.

Furiio “that’s fucking beautiful”

In for the suggestions

Shit in a box and send.


Mail them a box of your buddy’s shaved pubes, an expired gift card and a picture of Passive Jay.


Send them an envelope full of spread hairy assholes or a dick picks.

And a pack of bubble-gum that with a card that reads “chew on this”.

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I watched a scammer have half his hard drive deleted by some dude on YouTube. Classy.