Im sick of Umaga

Im just not buying this fat fuck is an unstoppable monster.

Every time he comes out all I can think of is "3 minute warning"

It's too bad, because he's not a bad worker and is over with the fans, but WWE insists on having him job to any major competitor he faces.

So yes, I can see why you're getting sick of him.

Yeah something about Umaga's looks make him just not credible to me. Dunno maybe he looks like Yokozona after some frat hazing or something. LOL they drew on his face.

Is he still the IC champ?

I think so.

No he lost to that wop dude. That choke after the frog splash was bullshit.

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Santino Marella

"That choke after the frog splash was bullshit." - I agree.

I like him now, wasnt too sure to begin with, but has grown on me.

I wonder if he realizes how lucky he is to get the push he has; Vince hasn't pushed a fatty since Yokozuna...

ah, Rikishi got a decent push as well for a while. IC champ level, at least.

The WWE heel roster is the worst it's ever been. The only one with any degree of overall talent (workrate/ability to cut promos), is Edge. Kennedy, Orton, Carlito, Elijah Burke, and Umaga,havent been pushed properly Snitsky,and Khali just plain suck, and Vince McMahon is too old!

I think the heel roster is good. You got guys like Kennedy, Orton, MVP, Finley, Umaga who can make a good long match with any face on the roster that can get a crowd going. They get a decent amount of TV time.

At the very top of the card you don't need these heels. With a face like Cena they just ride his popularity. Same with Undertaker or even Batista.

The problem with Umaga is that he's booked a little too strong. No one buys that he's a threat to the top guys when he's had all these losses now and he's always portrayed a bit cartoonish. He's not that monsterous when there are so many other big guys on the roster hitting the same moves.

Sad thing about Cena is inspite of his poor ring work had he done anything other then a wigger he would be awesome.