Rachelle went from a 12 to a 7...



She just does not look good as a blonde at all. I'm depressed.

That can't possibly make you "f*cking mad"

It does. It fucking pisses me the fuck off. She seriously went down in hotness from the first picture.

^^^correct -- you should instead be F'g happy!!

I was going to say. I think the second pic is an older one.

"The second picture is much older than the first."

Ok, I did NOT know this. Nevermind then.

Peroxide = bad for the sport, imo.

yumm for brunette!!!

Blonde= more stunning

Brunette = more sexy, seductive, hot and delicious. mmmmmmmmmm

I'll take her either way!! ;)


A seven?! You need to recalibrate your scale.

shit i expected to see a ic of her smoking a cig.

THAT would b dissapointing

Agreed. Much hotter in the first pic.

she told me she'd never go Blonde again.

Speechless @ first pic.

I think I'm allergic to that first picture. Every time I look at it my penis gets all swollen.

gots to do some research before such statements bro

dude, you're weird.

Both hot, I'm a blonde man.